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Funeral Program Template

A Funeral program template is also called memorial program which is arranged after the death of a person. This is mostly arranged for gather the relatives and friends to pray for the late person. And for sending invitations of funeral program template the simple cards are prepared which are consisted on the complete information about […]

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School Attendance Template

A school attendance template is prepared by the school teacher for checking the attendance of each student. In this sheet the record of the attendance of each student is includes which is helps in checking the percentage and making the grades of the student. It may be prepared on weekly and monthly basis. This school […]

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Daily Planner Template

A Daily planner is just like a daily calendar that is prepared by people in performing their day to day tasks. Daily planner is drafted in a simple way and easy to do. We welcome you on our website to download variety of templates. Daily planner template is one of them. For effective time management […]

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Food Journal Template

Food journal can be said as food diary that is prepared for keeping record of consumed food along with quantity, calories and fat measurement. Food journal is prepared in daily basis. Usually health conscious people prefer to prepare food journal for maintaining their food according to their physical requirements. If you are looking for preparing […]

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Pamphlet Template

Pamphlets are one of effective tools of advertising the products and services of a company. Now –a- days, each business relies on preparing pamphlets containing important information about a company’s products and services. Pamphlets are prepared in most attractive way to get attention of public. Professionalism is also very first requirement of preparing pamphlets. Here […]

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Share Certificate Template

Share certificate is most of the time prepared by business organizations and share certificate is given to share holders of the company’s assets. Share certificate contains some important information about the share contract like title of share contract, name of the parties and other details about the share’s equity. If you are looking for preparing […]

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Award Certificate Template

Award certificates are prepared by companies, institutes, schools and colleges. Award certificates are given to the people who get an achievement relevant to study, job, training and any other. Award certificate contains some particular information on it including title of certificate, name of person who presents the award, name of the person who gets the […]

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Birth Certificate Template

Birth certificate is prepared on the birth of baby having some information on it. Information that is mentioned on birth certificate includes baby name, day and date of baby birth etc. We have designed birth certificate template. This template has been designed in MS Word 2007 and can be customize according to personal choice. For […]

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Menu Planner Template

Menu planners are equally prepared at home and on business level for restaurants. Purpose of preparing menu planner is just to plan the cooking menu for the week or month or on daily basis. Here we have drafted an attractive format of menu planner template that you can download from our website without paying any […]

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Graph Paper Template

Graph papers are used by students and business people for recording different measurements depending on the project or task. Graph paper is designed in many formats. Here we have designed an accurate format of graph paper template that you can download from our website. You can use this template for accomplishing your needs for a […]

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